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Reveal – Ask Me Anything

Reveal is the place where your friends and followers can really get to know you. Share your favorite moments throughout the day, and answer questions with quick photos and videos that reveal your opinions, personality, and creativity.

ASK questions, either anonymously or as yourself. They can be silly, serious, or somewhere in between.

ANSWER questions with a quick photo or video. Your inbox is private, and you choose which to respond to. Your answers don’t have to last forever – you can set them to expire after 24 hours.

EXPLORE your friends’ answers to learn more about them and see a new side of their personality. Your friends are crazier, funnier, more loving and deeper than you may have ever expected.

EARN Reveal Coin for inviting friends and getting likes on your content. Use Reveal Coin to get your questions noticed by popular users, or hold on to it and share in our success.


iPhone 6 Plus

Please Note:

We require mobile number verification in order to reduce spam. We do not require Facebook, Twitter, or other third-party authorizations.

While pictures/videos that you post may become inaccessible through the app interface, that does not mean that they are inaccessible by other means after they expire.

Reveal has a strict anti-bullying policy, the violation of which may result in your suspension or permanent removal from the app.

This is the biggest upgrade yet! A whole new look for the app, including a new logo and updates to every screen.

It’s now easier and more fun than ever to ask your friends anything!

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