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RollCall Safety Text

RollCall™ is a must-have automated text messaging app that lets people know their college students, kids, traveller or loved ones are safe, even when they are away from home.

Here’s how it works: The college student , traveler or loved one downloads the app, creates a message, sets the desired frequency of messages and selects contacts. Once the app settings are complete and the app is active, the user periodically gets a notification that the app is ready to send their message to check in. Upon accepting the notification the app sends the message. If the user fails to respond to the notification, the message fails to deliver and the parents know something might be wrong.

There is also an optional GPS locator feature available that may be particularly helpful for travellers. This allows the app to append the user’s location to the outgoing message. This location feature can be easily turned off by the user if desired.

The RollCall™ smart-phone app works with a $19.99/year (less than 6 cents/day) subscription fee per device, a very small price for the peace of mind it creates!

Bug fixes.

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