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Room Design

"Room Design" is the application that helps your interior design and home remodeling.
You can create a room plan step by step.

1.Select the number of rooms from drumroll.
2.Set the room area,floor texture and room type.
3.Select a layout near hope from list.
4.Edit room shape and add another rooms and furniture.
5.Save images and send Email.

iPhone 7s

6.Save plan data.
7.3D data output from the floor plan.

***** features *****

-For create floor plan
* Resize of the room with drag.
* Change the wall thickness.
* Divide the wall and change the room shape.
* Easier to move a wall and an object per 1 inch or 1 mm.

iPhone 6s Plus

* Change floor colors,patterns,textures.

iOS 9

* Edit from a sample of floor plan.
* Change of the unit(inch/feet or mm/m).

-For furniture and facilities
* More than 800 interior and exterior objects are included.
* More than 680 objects are available to 3D.
* Resize of furniture with numeric input or drag(Width&Depth).
* Rotate of furniture with easy operation or drag.
* Automatic display of dimensions.
* Dimension display from the wall to furniture.
* Dimension display of furniture,door and window.
* Measure distance from the wall to furniture.
* Measure distance from the wall to door or window.

– For 3D export
* Automatic 3d data conversion.
(Connection with a network is required)
* 3D data can view in the free viewer app "Interior viewer" for iPhone / iPad.
* Output 3D data to Dropbox.

– For image output
* Change display to monochrome,colors,patterns,textures.
* Drawing effects function [shadow]
* Add text.
* Send Email with your room plan image.


* Output images to Dropbox.

– Other
* Smart & quick drawing architecture.
* Undo and redo.
* Save and edit your plans as original.
* Autosaving.The work data will save automatically before crash.
And more…

Support iOS8.

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