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Rota Calendar

Work out your shifts, rotas and crew changes in a flash! With Rota Calendar it’s never been easier to plan ahead.

Automatic Rota Generation

Simply enter your start date and your rota, within seconds your dates will be marked on the calendar.

Manual Shift Entry

Rota Calendar’s new shift editor panel makes it quick and simple to manually enter shifts and make adjustments to rotas. Select the marker type and tap to place on the calendar.

Shift Marker Types

Create and customise your own marker types with options to include text and shift times. Custom marker types can then be used in rota generation and manual shift entry.

Fire Brigade Watch Colours

Rota Calendar comes pre-loaded with a Fire Brigade Watch Colour preset allowing you to quickly and easily generate a calendar displaying the watch colours for the next 10 years.

Scrolling Calendar

An unbroken, continuous calendar screen allows you to see more than one month at the same time making it easy to keep track of dates as you scroll the calendar.

Scroll weeks, months, even years into the future and see when you are off work.

Calendar Events

Rota Calendar syncs with other iPhone calendars allowing you to view, add and edit events.

Features that make this app great:
– Create marker types to suit your shifts and in edit shift mode tap the calendar to quickly add shifts.
– Only takes a few seconds to create rota patterns.
– Extremely easy to use, just enter your start date and pattern, Rota Calendar does the rest.
– See when you are off work and available for up to 10 years into the future.

Stay Hungry Stay Foolish

– Provides a continuous, unbroken view of the months as you scroll.
– Marker types including times, text and Emoji characters.

iPad Pro

– Ideal for viewing ‘two weeks ON, two weeks OFF’ type shift patterns.
– Add Events and Activities to be displayed alongside your rota.
– Optionally syncs with other iPhone calendars.

iOS 9

– Compare more than one persons Rota
– Quickly switch between the Rotas

valve index

– Keep track of re-occurring dates, for example a payment every 4 weeks.

All user feedback and suggestions are considered during updates of Rota Calendar. So please get in touch via the options below. Follow on Twitter and Facebook for news and information on future updates. And please remember – technical issues usually require some questions, so please email as I cannot reply to reviews.

[email protected]

Please read on for some positive reviews of Rota Calendar:

Rota app 5 star
Class app. Easy to use. Great for myself because I need to know what days I am off in a years time.

Best app out for rota 5 star
As I work in the oil rigs 2 weeks on 2 weeks off this app was perfect for working out my rota in seconds! And worth every penny!

Superb app- great for ALL shift patterns 5 star
This app has really helped my planning for everything as a shift worker. I disagree with those who say it doesn’t work for irregular patterns- i work a very irregular plan and it’s handled it fine. Recently had an issue after iOS6 loaded so contacted Jamie who was superb in fixing my issue. Great customer service. Highly recommend it.

Rota calendar 5 star
Excellent app for offshore rotas

Very good app 5 star
Download this app it will change your life forever

Brill 🙂 5 star
Excellent app! Not only did it sort out my rota in seconds, all my phone calendar appointments synched with it automatically so I don’t have to check two apps for clashes 🙂

Great great and just great 5 star
I love this app its great for me for when i am offshore i hope they keep it on here forever

Manage the individual User Calendars that are synchronised. Switch Facebook Birthdays on and off for example:

Settings Cog -> User Calendar Sync and then select the calendars that you would like to sync with.

Rota button takes you straight into Edit Mode. Previously you had to click Edit which was a bit cumbersome.

Some other minor bug fixes and improvements.

I have been working on iCloud support. I was keen to get it into this release but not yet confident that it is working correctly and don’t want to lose your rota/shift data!

NOTE: Rota Calendar ‘does’ work as advertised. It is possible to enter any shift or rota pattern. The Presets provide some standard rotations for convenience but are not what Rota Calendar is limited to.

Please keep in touch at:

Someone will always respond with help and take any suggestions into consideration.

Hope you find Rota Calendar useful and enjoy.

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