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RPN-45 HD is a complete simulation of the scientific hand-held calculator HP-45 from 1973. Processing times and behavior have been carefully modelled after the original. Switch to the "Super-45" mode and watch the HP-45 do things never seen before.


• Photo-realistic look based on an existing device
• Animated keys with adjustable click sound and visual feedback
• All functions and operations of the HP-45 fully implemented
• Supports "secret" timer. Use it as 12/100-hours timer or even as a chess clock.
• Optional hyperbolic functions
• Simulation of the HP-45’s computation times (optional)
• Correct wrong number entries by swiping left across the display
• Cut/copy/paste display value
• "Live" display of stack and all memory registers (in landscape mode)
• Built-in manual
• 30 selectable background images, even add your own
• HP-91-like paper tape printer:
– Supports MAN, ALL, and NORM modes
– Quickly insert arbitrary text
– Delete any line
– Send tape via E-Mail or to any AirPrint-capable printer
– Ribbon color black or blue
– Optionally print negative results in red
– Print stack and registers

Turn on "Super-45" and enjoy a super-charged HP-45:

• Complex numbers: available for almost all operations and functions
• More memory: twice the number of memory registers.
• "Continuous" stack and memory registers
• Extended functions:
– Raise any number to any power
– Faculty of any number
– Logarithm and square root of negative numbers
– Preset timer with the iPad’s real time
– Chess clock mode
• New functions:
– Solve linear equations in two or three unknowns
– Find the roots of quadratic and cubic equations
– Statistics: normal distribution and correlation coefficient of paired variables
– Linear regression, combinations, permutations
– Integer and fractional parts
– Display rounding
– Random numbers in a given range
– Day of the week for any date between Jan 1, 0001 and Dec 31, 9999


– Support for Julian dates
– Number of days between any two dates
– Last Stack
– Convert display value to hexadecimal
– Percentage of sum
– Register arithmetic includes sum registers and LAST x
• Enhanced user interface:
– Visual indicators for prefix keys and angular modes
– Small values switch to scientific notation if required
– Localized decimal point

For more information and sample calculations visit cuveesoft.ch


"A great simulation of the HP-45. Beautifully made, with a lot of attention to small details."

michael daley

iPad Air 4

"This is by far the best RPN calculator available for the iPad!"
"Great app that I would recommend to anyone who grew up with an HP-45!"
"This is one of the most accurate but also nicest looking emulators I have come across for the HP-45, or any vintage HP calculator for that matter."
"This is exactly what I’ve been searching. My HP 45 packed up some time ago. Thank you so much!"

MAJOR UPDATE includes the following new features:

• Paper Tape Printer
– Use your HP-45 like an HP-91
– Great for keeping a paper trail of your calculations
– Add annotations effortlessly
– E-mail or print the tape
– Select the ribbon color (black or blue)
– Optionally print negative results in red
– Three printing modes: MAN / ALL / NORM
• Chess clock
– Use your HP-45 as a chess clock
– Set game time limit
– Show playing time of both opponents simultaneously
– Interrupt and continue game any time

iPad Pro

– Audible and visual alert when game time is up
– See number of moves played
– Log game on paper tape
• Last Stack operation
– Restores the entire stack after an operation
• Convert display value to hexadecimal
• Percentage of total function
– Shows display value as percentage of sum created by the summation key
• Added solver for linear equations in 3 unknowns
RCL register operations work with LAST x value (enter RCL 0 etc.)
• Print stack and print registers functions
• The cubic equation solver returns the type of the roots
• Localized decimal point

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