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"rtfManager" is a .RTF file reader (file name extension: .rtf).
With "rtfManager" you will have the opportunity to:
1) save all your documents on your mobile device
2) display the documents in any times and under all working condition
The software does not need an internet connections: each document is stored on the mobile device (using the technology "iTunes File Sharing" o "Open In") and can be read by the software itself.
The documents reader works as the integrated image viewer of the device, you can then:
ZOOM IN / ZOOM OUT the document by dragging two fingers on the screen

iPhone 7 Plus

– Move the document (PAN TOOL) by dragging a finger across the screen

iOS 8.1

– Reset the current settings of zoom and pan with a double-touch
– Turn the page by moving the current page with a finger
– Load documents (from the archive of rtfManager; documents are displayed in alphabetical order into the "Documents Archive" of "rtfManager")
– Save an infinite number of documents into the "Documents Archive" of "rtfManager" (until the physical memory of the device is ended)
– You can display documents using Portrait or Landscape orientation

Files sharing:
– Share Your documents (send/receive) with dropbox o other installed applications

Print system:


– AirPrint: print Your documents using the application’s print button

With "rtfManager" you will always have and everywhere all your .RTF documents!

* AirPrint added: print Your documents using the application’s print button
* File sharing button "Open In" added: share Your documents with dropbox or with other installed apps

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* Better support for file sharing (it optimizes the device’s resource utilization)
* New artwork and interface design for the app
* Full screen document visualization
* Minor bug fixed

© 2011 Gianluca Natalini – NGCYBIT Robotics