Safari Blocker | Best Apps and Games 23 October,2017

Safari Blocker

Safari Blocker is the most customizable content blocker for iOS 9. With a few clicks, you will easily block all ads on Safari, significantly speed up your browsing experience, and save data.

In addition to a standard adblocker and privacy protection, you can whitelist sites and block specific sites with a wide range of options. Share and download public blockers for a variety of uses, such as blocking comments, clickbait sites, images, and javascript.


the walking dead cast

– Classic Adblocking and Classic Privacy (to prevent user tracking), ported from the EasyList subscriptions (


iPhone 7

– Easily whitelist sites that you want to see ads on


– Block resources by url filtering, resource type, and load type
– Block a resource, block its cookies, or hide elements on a page with CSS
– Share and download public blockers from the community

Extremely easy to set up, Safari Blocker gives the power of content blocking to users. Follow @SafariBlocker on Twitter for app updates and to give feedback.

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