sayStatus – Speech recognition for Facebook & Twitter | Best Apps and Games 18 February,2019

sayStatus – Speech recognition for Facebook & Twitter

Speech Recognition for Facebook and Twitter means posting/tweeting using only your VOICE!

iPhone 7s

With a single tap to open the app you can dictate your status and tweets to Facebook, Twitter or both at the same time without typing a single letter or pressing any buttons!

Siri not required either!

Leading voice recognition technology dictates your speech into your post and even lets you to tell it where you want it posted/tweeted to – and all from one touch.

Ideal for when your are in a rush, have your hands full or driving allowing you to post and tweet through voice recognition.

Supported speech recognition languages:

umbrella academy

iPad Air 4

English (US, UK and AUS), French (EUR & CAN), Danish, Dutch, Italian, German, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese (EUR, BRZ), Russian, Spanish (EUR, US & MEX), Swedish, Japanese, Chinese (Mandarin & Cantonese),Taiwanese (Mandarin), Korean.

Minor bug fixes

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iPhone 6