Scalar: the Better Calculator | Best Apps and Games 14 September,2018

Scalar: the Better Calculator

Why limit yourself to one line display of cheap pocket calculators when your iPhone or iPad can do much more? Scalar gives you an endless sheet of paper you can calculate on so you’ll never lose track again, even with the most complex calculations.

Your calculations are automatically saved when you leave the app and you can share them by e-mail.


* editable entries, the app recalculates everything as you type

erik karlsson

* entries could be referenced from each other for very complex calculations

Stay Hungry Stay Foolish

* arbitrary precision numbers
* percentages

iPhone 6s


* e-mail integration
* copy/paste in calculations
* saves last calculation between launches
* tap and hold backspace to clear whole calculation

Coming soon:

* currency conversion
* cash flow mode

Fixes a crash with certain configuration of referenced expressions — sorry, it sneaked past our testing team

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