School idol festival | Best Apps and Games 7 October,2019

School idol festival

"Love Live! School Idol Project" makes its AppStore debut!
With their massive success in Japan, now the school idols
go worldwide with this rhythm action game!
Create and manage a group of school idols,
and lead them to success!

——Original Rhythm Action——
Live shows are carried out by
tapping the screen to the music!
Play through loads of μ’s (Muse) songs,
with new songs added in regular updates!

——Create your Own Group——

iPad Air 3

In addition to the original nine members of μ’s,
there are many more potential idols to form your

iPhone 6 Plus

very own group.

——Scout and Improve Club Members——
Collect new members and make them better with practice!
The better they get, the greater their performance scores will be!

——Localized Game Contents——
Game text is localized into English for more fans to enjoy.
But don’t worry, the voices are in Japanese of the origial μ’s members!

——Original Main Story Arc with Full Voice——

double shot at love

The main story arc features full voice by all of the μ’s members!

——Side Stories for each Member——
Maximize a member’s Bond, and unlock her side story!
Of course, the side stories of μ’s members are fully voiced!

Changes with the update to ver. 2.05
Added preview feature to certain UR members.
Added agreement page to the Terms and Conditions.
Notices are categorized and separated into tabs.
Added delete feature to messages.

iPad Pro

Changed the downloading screen background image.
Added voice-over to the downloading screen.
– Tap a μ’s member to play a random voice.
Added Friends ranking to the event rankings page.
Changed on-screen effects for Practice and Special Practice.
Changed on-screen effects for Regular Scouting and Honor Scouting.
Changed Special Practice confirmation screen.
– An Idolized member’s image will display when you try to perform a Special Practice with a member you have idolized before.
Changed on-screen effects for Live Shows and the Live Show results screen.
– Earned scores will display during Live Shows.
– The size of the pop-up member images can be changed for Live Shows.
– Live Show effects can be turned on and off.
– Live Show text size can be changed.
Images for the Main Story Prologue have been updated.
Various UI adjustments.
Fixed various other issues.

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