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Scientific Fraction Calculator – Free

Scientific Fraction Calculator gives you the power of a portable calculator on your iPad or iPhone with full decimal and fraction capability! And now it even speaks!

It’s perfect for use in a math class where answers are required to be expressed exactly as fractions. Or perhaps you just need to add up some fractional measurements from a tape measure – the calculator can do that for you with ease.

You can enter numbers in either decimal notation (such as 2.5) or as fractions (such as 3/4). The program will accept mixed fractions (2 1/2 can be entered as 2/1/2) or it will accept improper fractions (such as 14/3). Once the calculation is complete you can instantly convert decimals to fractions and fractions to decimals just by pushing the "a b/c" key.

Features include:

Speech: each touch and the entire result is read aloud!
Standard add, subtract, multiply, and divide
Memory (M+/M-/MC/MR)
Trig functions (sin/cos/tan and inverse functions)
Hyperbolic functions
Cube and square roots
Power functions
Log functions
Degrees/Radians/Gradians modes
Click sound (which can be muted or turned off)
History display to show long calculations
Optimized algorithms produce more accurate results than most other calculators

iPhone 7 Plus


Setup screen for customizing the app.

iPhone 6s Plus

Compatible with Bluetooth keyboards

Additional iPad features:

Full functions in both landscape mode and portrait mode
History “tape” retains prior calculations – scroll it upwards to see many more lines
Use results from the history tape in new calculations just by selecting them
Switch the history tape from left to right. . . perfect for lefties!

Scientific Fraction Calculator is written by Bill Hogue who created games for the TRS-80, Atari, and Commodore platforms in the 1980s under his “Big Five Software” brand. Bill’s most popular titles include “Miner 2049er” and “Bounty Bob Strikes Back”.

– Added help and setup for iPhone

megyn kelly

– Added beach background & clear button options
– Now compatible with Bluetooth keyboard!

© Copyright (c) 2013 by Bill Hogue