Scribblr | Best Apps and Games 8 November,2019


Scribblr lets you message your friends in your own handwritten font!

Scribblr combines the speed of typing with the personality of script. Create your font by drawing characters with fluid and natural strokes. When you send a typed message, it’ll appear in your own handwriting!

Draw custom emojis and send them to your friends. Want to send a taco emoji? A Pikachu emoji? A freckled-vampire-wearing-a-cowboy-hat emoji? Now you can!

Your conversations will remain private. Scribblr protects your messages with multiple levels of cryptography.

Note: You must have access to a working mobile number to use Scribblr. This is used to verify you (with an SMS) and acts as a unique username.

Some smallish bugs were mushed.

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