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With the free Scydo app you can chat and can make 100% free calls to other Scydo users. All you need is 3g/Wi-Fi and friends with Scydo!

Scydo calls are free wherever you are as long as your friends and family have also installed the Scydo application, so make sure everyone you know has installed Scydo!

If you want to call people not using Scydo it is possible to register for Scydo and call them at the lowest rates possible. You can now buy credit via in-app purchase – directly from the app!

– Scydo offers straight peer-to-peer calls, so any calls to your Scydo friends will be free of charge!

– Scydo offers the option to save on regular calls to non-Scydo contacts by using our sip-service.

– No hassle with usernames and emails; your friends’ phone number is all you need to use Scydo!

– No additional buddy lists! Just use your regular contact list to select your Scydo contacts!

– Great sound quality! Scydo has access to the best networks and services, which beats out the quality of regular phone providers.

– We do NOT use your contact details or contact list for advertising purposes, nor do we share these details with any other parties!


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