Securus Video Visit | Best Apps and Games 19 June,2019

Securus Video Visit

The Securus Video Visitation mobile app provides an easy and convenient way for you to video chat with your incarcerated loved one using your Smartphone or Tablet. With this free mobile app, you can share life’s special moments like birthdays, holidays, and sporting events and help your loved one feel at home even when they can’t be. It’s never been easier to stay in touch.


The Securus Video Visit app allows you to:

· Visit an inmate remotely from almost anywhere in the world where you have Wi-Fi or cellular data service at all Securus sites that offer Video Visitation
· Easily log in with your existing Securus Online account using your email address and password



· Access and view your upcoming scheduled video visits
· Sync details of upcoming visits with your calendar

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· Receive notifications for upcoming visits
· Test Wi-Fi/cellular connection to determine quality of video visit
· *For best results and to reduce echo, use a headset or earbuds with microphone

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