SecuText for WhatsApp, iMessage and Mail | Best Apps and Games 17 April,2019

SecuText for WhatsApp, iMessage and Mail

"We applaud SecuText for this ambitious and marvelously constructed app." –

Are you shocked by all revelations about secret agencies that read your messages?
You have nothing to hide, but still value your privacy?

Encrypt all your text messages without a hassle. No copy/paste or passwords: everything is handled automatically by clicking hyperlinks.

SecuText easily encrypts your messages for your favorite chat Apps, like WhatsApp, iMessage and even email.

While chatting in your favorite App, you can easily switch to SecuText.
When you receive an encrypted message from SecuText, it’s just a hyperlink.

iPad Air 4

Click it to open SecuText to decrypt the message automatically.
It will even retrieve the senders name from your Address Book. The message will be added to the conversation with this contact.
You can instantly write a new message. When the send button is pressed, a new encrypted message to the correct recipient is created. Just press Send.

SecuText respects your privacy:

iPhone 6s

Nothing is send to or processed on our servers, everything is handled locally on your iPhone or iPad.

SecuText is easy:
No hassle with copy/paste or tedious passwords, everything is done automatically with smart links.

SecuText is secure:

iPhone 7

Our advanced encryption algorithms keep your messages private.
SecuText uses an encryption mechanism based on the generation and distribution of 1024 bit asymmetric RSA keys. This keeps your messages completely confidential between you and your contact.

During the evaluation period SecuText works without any limit. The evaluation period expires when you have received 25 messages. Then the standard license will be applied, which blocks the reception of new messages.
You can easily upgrade to the full version to receive unlimited messages. All your personal data will be maintained during the upgrade.



– iMKapps and SecuText are not related in any way to WhatsApp or Apple.
– WhatsApp is not available for iPad and iPod touch. SecuText will warn you when selecting WhatsApp while it’s not installed.
– SecuText does not make you anonymous: while the content of your message is encrypted, your identity can still be traced since SecuText cannot mask your IP address or the message its meta data, since that’s on the level of your provider.
– An encrypted message naturally uses more characters than the original message. Note that this can result in higher carrier cost, since messages will be longer and consume more data or Text messages.

– SecuText is made fully compatible with the upcoming iOS 8.
– Solved some issues.

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