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See Time – Visual Calendar

See Time is a revolutionary calendar and event application specifically designed for those that have difficulty understanding time by digital or conventional clock methods. See Time utilizes the familiar iPhone calendar look and feel but adds visual enhancements that include pictures to represent events and progress bars to communicate how much time is left before an event starts and then how long until an event is finished.


• Multiple events can be added to each day, allowing you to see all events in chronological order and understand the passing of time using progress bars.

• A monthly view shows all days in a particular month and indicates which days have events.

• A convenient overview shows all active and completed events in one easy to use location.

• A search function is also built in to help find specific events by name.

While designed for people with special needs, See Time is also great for young children who always ask: “when will we be there?” or anybody of any age that can benefit from seeing time in a visual way. Care-givers can use this app for pure function while end-users can finally have a means to understand what will be happening and when. See Time can open up the world to people otherwise shut out by a difficulty in understanding numbers or dials.

Why think about time when you can see it?

Minor bug fixes.

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