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Seekers Notes: Hidden Mystery

An enthralling new hidden object game from the creators of The Secret Society!

Solve the mystery of a cursed city! Enter an amazing world of hidden objects.
An exciting adventure with an unpredictable plot and fascinating quests awaits you.
Imagine waking up in an unfamiliar place without knowing how you got there. Welcome to the city of Darkwood, a place cut off from the outside world by the Curse.
You have an extraordinary talent for finding hidden things. The citizens understand that you are special. They appoint you Seeker. The fate of the city is now in your hands – free Darkwood and its citizens from the Curse!

Key game features:

– Beautiful graphics and locations to excite the imagination

– Over 1000 fascinating quests that reveal the sinister mysteries of the cursed city

– Over 137 unique collections

– A variety of complicated puzzles

– 45 achievements to show off to your friends

– Original and interesting characters

– Enchanting and atmospheric music

– Create incredible items

– Help the citizens defeat dangerous monsters

– Help your friends and give them gifts

– Exchange useful items with your friends

– Regular free updates which expand the world of Darkwood!

Become a legendary Seeker – investigate every corner of the city, help the citizens and solve mysteries!

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Something incredible has happened! The Ghostly Mist has opened up and revealed the Antique Shop! There the citizens met the Mysterious Merchant, a man imprisoned in the shop. Who is he? What forces hold him in the shop? Hurry up and unravel his mystery!

Meanwhile, the young swindler Clyde Templeton wants to change for the better, and has returned to the city with a purse full of gold. He claims that from now on he will lead a virtuous life, but leaving the past behind is no easy feat. Will the young man be able to redeem his good name? What is the source of Templeton’s astounding wealth?

In this update:

warriors vs kings

– the Mysterious Merchant event
– event monsters: furious Gargoyles
– event reward: the Curiosity Chest, the Gargoyle Pendant and two marvelous avatars
– improved graphics and detalization of several locations for your convenience
– improved game balance


– added a nice page-turning animation for the diary
– significantly reduced the game’s file size

MacBook Air

– added an FAQ button in the settings menu
– over 100 new quests and collections.

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