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Selfie X

Blaze your path to selfie superstardom and have a blast doing it! Selfie X is the social app driven by the power and creativity of your selfies! Use our sleek intuitive design to hit-up friends with selfies or strike up a fresh selfie exchange with someone new in your area OR … get adventurous and stamp your passport to a country of your choice and chat with selfie junkies using the international language of … selfies! Build your network of friends from near and far. Once the ball starts rolling, you’ll be a selfie ninja having a blast all the time!


• Loving your free time.
• Socializing with like-minded selfie ninjas.

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• Meeting new people all over the world.
• Building an engaging social network that’s pure fun.


• Treating yourself to big smiles and bigger laughs.
• Sharing your amazing life and personality.
• Staying engaged with friends and loved ones.

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• Checking friends’ reactions to your swapped selfies

Selfie X delivers an even deeper connection to your selfie friends…Take your experience to a whole new level with our unique “reaction” option. Now you can actually WATCH the reaction when your selfie pal sees your pics and videos. And make sure to share your reaction when you get new messages too! Their reactions will inspire you to be even more creative, daring, and fun!

=== Selfie X App FEATURES ===

• Intuitive, sleek interface.
• Feature-rich & Easy to use.
• Post, share, and exchange selfies in a dynamic new environment.
• Share live reactions to selfie exchanges.
• Auto-disappearing selfie exchanges.
• Chat with friends old and new after selfie swaps.
• Follow interesting and fun people on Selfie X.
• Share selfies to SNS.
• Make Comments and likes.
• Unlimited upload to your selfie gallery
• Optimization for all the latest mobile devices.
• Updates to ensure flawless use and new bonus features.
• Boast your personal mobile web album with an exclusive mobile web address to your friends.

==> The World’s Most Addictive Selfie App <==

Dubbed as “the world’s most addictive selfie app”, Selfie X has quickly become a favorite mobile app among users. It has generated a major buzz on social media and its fans are spreading across the globe!



Reaction videos to the swapped selfies. It can be hilarious, heart warming, shocking, but always fun!


“My network of friends grew really fast! And now I’m looking forward to getting and sending selfies every day to fun and creative people all over the world! It’s super fun, addictive, and rewarding. LOVE IT!”

— RaceBee

=== HOW Selfie X WORKS ===

• Cruise through our quick Sign-up.
• Create your profile with your unique preferences.
• Check who’s around in your area or search the entire globe.
• Send a selfie request to interesting people.
• The selfie swap is only made when both people upload a pic or video.
• Watch their hilarious reactions when they open your selfie!
• Comment on selfies and chat with the recipient.
• Create a network of awesome selfie friends.

Selfie X is the only selfie social app you’ll ever need! Staying engaged and entertained with people all over the globe just got really simple and fun: Selfie X!

Feel free to drop us a line! We’re always listening to your suggestions to improve Selfie X! If you have any issues with the app, just contact us, [email protected] and we will help you!

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