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Send Anywhere (File Transfer)

Are you tired of wasting too much time sending large sized files? Then, Send Anywhere is exactly what you need. Send Anywhere is an easy, multi-platform and secure file transferring service that lets you send any kind of file of any size. It’s completely free so you have nothing to lose.

Unlike other cloud storage services, Send Anywhere does not require any sign-up nor log in thus, users are able to send digital content without leaving any footprint in the internet. As stated in an article featured in TechCrunch, there is a salient reason why Send Anywhere is considered to be the lovechild between Snapchat and Dropbox.

To Send:
1. Drag & Drop the files you wish to send, then click on the "Send Directly" button.
2. This will generate a temporary 6-digit key that you can share with the receiving device.


3. Stand by


* You also have the option to send a push alert to a nearby or recently used device once the key is generated
*The 6-digit key only lasts for ten minutes and if this is too short, you can upload your files for 24 hours by clicking on the "Share for 24hrs" button

To Receive
1. Once you get the 6-digit key, type-in and the transfer will start immediately.
2. Enjoy!

• File transferring compatible with iOS, non-iOS, all PC platforms, Chrome extension and a web browser. (
• Instant file transferring by finding the optimal relay path- whether you are connected on Wi-Fi or cellular network
• You can send any type of file, of any size, as many times as you want.
• There are no limits on how much you can send it is totally free
• Share your photos and documents without sharing your personal information
• The basic 6-digit key only lasts for 10 minutes but if you want to extend this time period you can temporary upload the file for 24 hours
• With each of your devices logged-in, you can share files between your devices without inputting the 6-digit key nor going through the hassle of clicking “accept” to receive the file(s)
• You can select the recipient device from the “Recent” and “Nearby” list

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• Share any file type (photos, videos, docs and etc.)

Loved by editors: TechCrunch, The Next Web, LifeHacker, Tech in Asia, BBC News and etc.

Praised by our global users:
“The file goes straight down the pipes from one device to another. This is safer than a normal FTP service (like WeTransfer, DropBox and others of their ilk) because you’re not transferring the file to a third-party’s server where security could be compromised. There’s no login – and yes it really is as simple to use.” –Kate, U.S.
“I’m very happy to say the app works as promised. File transfer is very fast and simple. The method of transfer is easy and direct.” –Richard, U.S.
“It’s like the Swiss bank of file transferring!”- Mariliese, Singapore & Philippines

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