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Shift Calendar Pro – Work Schedule Organizer with Hour & Pay Calculator


Sick of forgetting when you are working?

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Tired of searching through emails and loose papers for your work schedule?

What if all your shifts could be organized neatly, on one screen, for the whole month?
What if you could add a month’s worth of shifts in just a few seconds?

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What if you never had to spend another minute of your time worrying about when you worked?

Meet Calendar, your work shift manager. Calendar keeps your work shifts handy to see at a glance, and tracks your hours and your earned wages as well. Calendar Pro can also remind you when you work, if you want.

Managing Calendar is easy. When your work schedule comes out, add your shifts to Calendar in a few seconds. Set alarms to remind you when a shift is coming up. You can even share your work schedule with friends and family, to let them know when you are free.

Try Calendar today. The basic version lets you add unlimited shift start times for any one job. If you like it, go professional with Calendar Pro – and track full shift lengths, hours worked, wages earned and full alarm capabilities for an unlimited number of jobs.

So what are you waiting for? Make your life a little easier. You deserve it.

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