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Shift Change

*** Copy your schedule of shifts in less than 30 secounds ***

*** Allways know when your shift starts ***

*** Be reminded when your working time begins ***

With our amazing and beautiful designed app, you have your schedule of shifts allways with you. Use „Shift Change“ to organize working times and enjoy the look and feel of iOS 7.

Characteristic Features:

• Create or delete a shift schedule in less than 30 seconds.

• Create various shifts using individual colors (i.e. early shift, late shift etc.).

• Minute-exact creation of shifts.

• Add a note.

• Prevent the accidental changing of shifts.

• Add holidays easily.

• Give self-created names to individual shifts.

• Helpful reminder when a shift begins.

• Synchronizes easily with Apple™ calendar.

• Make an In-App Purchase and get great backgrounds and more

Our In-App Purchases:

1. In-App Purchase themes:

– Ocean blue

Steve Jobs

iPhone 6

– Fire red
– Atomic Pink
– Forrest green
– 5S gold
– 5S silver
– iPhone 5C

2. In-App Purchases: Color Picker 

iPhone 7 Plus

– Create three individual shift colors
– Create unlimited numbers of individual shift colors

NOTE: Due to minor errors on the iPhone 4, we had to customize some graphics and functions. We apologize for the inconvenience, but without this step the entry of working shifts would not work as fluent as intended.

Send us your feedback (ideas, feature wishes, comments) at [email protected]

Enjoy „Shift Change“.

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