Shift Schedule | Best Apps and Games 24 February,2020

Shift Schedule

Shift Schedule is a calendar App for Shift Workers. With crisp, clean icon colours and shapes it makes viewing your up-coming shifts easy to read at a glance. Select an awesome background, or use a picture from one of your own albums. With the ability to add ALL of your workmates shifts, it is the best choice for shift workers.


•Swipe gesture from month to month
•Change text colours to suit your background
•Beautiful background images for textures and themes, or use any of your own albums images
•Selection of Crisp, Clear Icons
•Multi User view to have friends and workmates shifts added

katharine mcphee

•Add regular shift rotations for more than a year, even if they aren’t a standard 7 day week

iPhone 6s Plus


•Easy to add notes for any day and easily see which days have notes from the main calendar view
•Delete all shifts in a bulk action
•Direct access to support via email for help or suggestions for improvement

iPad Pro

•Take a screen shot then email or MMS

Most calendars are very plain and hard to see clearly what upcoming shifts you have. But we have changed all that, and built a calendar that’s clear at a glance.
A fantastic icon like moons, stars and suns or just simple squares and circles, adding and managing your shifts is a breeze.
With options for “Backgrounds”, your Shift Schedule calendar comes alive with a gorgeous selection of graphically rich themes and textures to use as the wallpaper, or use photos from your albums. Change them whenever you like, they all personalize the calendar you view almost every day.
Swap easily from monthly view to weekly view to add or view your friends and workmates shifts

Fixes in Backgrounds and UI

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