Shifty – Calendar Assist | Best Apps and Games 12 June,2019

Shifty – Calendar Assist

Shifty is a calendar assistant that makes adding unpredictable recurring dates to your calendar fast and easy.

If you have recurring events such as work schedules that changes every week, you know first hand how frustrating it can be to add them to your calendar. Your shift days are unpredictable and you resort to adding them manually one by one into your calendar, a slow and tedious process. And Shifty solves just that!

Make it easier on yourself with Shifty:
– Simply tap on the dates you work to mark them
– Have a photo of your schedule? Conveniently open it in Shifty and mark dates side by side

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– Choose start and end times, event names and calendars


iOS 8.1


– When finished, tap Export and all your marked dates are added into your designated calendar

All your Export settings are saved, so the next time you use Shifty, all you have to do is simply mark and tap Export. Additionally take advantage of iCloud calendar sharing features to share your work schedules with friends and family. Shifty is very versatile, so you can use it to keep track of all sorts of unpredictable repeating events.

– Fixed Share button crash on iPad

Stay tuned for the next release, time templates are coming! Save your export times and easily switch between them for different shifts.

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