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Shifty – Work Shift Planner

Shifty is a simple and innovative shift planner that makes your work life easier and more organised. Once you start using Shifty you will instantly fall in love with its simplicity and design.

You can choose from a list of shift types and begin adding all your shifts in minutes. iCloud Backup will sync them all across your iOS devices, while keeping them backed up in the cloud.

If you work split shifts or just fancy sharing the app with a friend, then you’re in luck as you can add up to two shifts on each day! You can also sync your shifts with the local calendar to make those days out easier to plan.

Shifty automatically categorises your shifts as a day shift or night shift through colours, making it easier to spot your shift types. You can even add notes and track your earnings on each shift.

Once you are all finished setting up your shifts and holidays, you can share them with your friends, family or boss!

– Calendar Sync
– iCloud Backup & Sync
– Earnings calculation
– Notes
– Sharing
– Airdrop sharing
– Holidays


iPad Air 4

– Split shifts

iOS 8

– Fixed shifts

iPhone 6s

– Irregular shifts

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