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Ship's Log Book for Sailors – A nautical Logbook for Sail Boats and Motor Boats' captain

The Logbook App is an automated electronic logbook on your iPhone. Logbook can automatically fill out your vessel’s log, or you can manually enter data as well. Though Logbook is designed by sailors for sailors, a powerboat owner will find it worthwhile as well.

# Automatically add information to your Logbook while you enjoy sailing.
# Automatic weather information added to each log entry:
– overall weather (sunny, rain, fog, etc)
– barometric pressure (also from iPhone 6 barometer possible)
– wind direction and speed
– degree of cloudiness

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– air temperature

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– water temperature
– precipitation
– wave height

# Additional data fields for each log entry (added automatically):
– Course Over Ground (COG)
– Speed Over Ground (SOG)

iPhone 6 Plus

– Position in WGS84 coordinates and as text (nautical geoencoded see below)
GPS accuracy
– Engine hours
# Automatic Position Recognition (i.e., "2.4 nm south of Cape Savudrija")
# additional fields
-Battery voltage

iPhone 6

#Add pictures to you log records
# Local sunrise and sunset times
# Measure the vessel’s angle of heel and add to Logbook with one click
# Watch your colored (based on speed) track in the map
# Amazing navigation lights quiz
# Data can be exported
– as KML
– as PDF
– as GPX
– as CSV (e.g. for Excel)
– or as SQLite for database developers.
# Checklists for safety briefing and packaging

Please Note: the background auto-logging feature will enable the GPS to run in the background, dramatically reducing battery life. It is recommended that your iPhone be plugged in for this operation. Red borders in the app will indicate that this feature is enabled in order to remind you.

Please visit the website for more screenshots and more information about Logbook. Thanks!

– Bug fixed to enable auto recording (which was for some special iOS settings not possible)
– removed redundant maneuvers
– direct link to iOS settings if GPS or Background Refresh is disabled

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