Shopping List and Grocery Pal Free | Best Apps and Games 17 April,2019

Shopping List and Grocery Pal Free

Beautiful graphics, easy to use and simple interface and advanced features are all what make Groceries Pal the best shopping list app in the app store.


lou williams


iOS 9

• Multiple shopping lists

• Dropbox and real time sync support, watch as others in your family check off items as you shop

• Location alerts to notify you when you pass a store with items on your list OR when you leave a store without buying everything

• Saved Lists so you can create weekly or monthly groups of items you buy on a regular basis

• 34 categories/aisles with stunning graphics to help you organize your trips and get in and out as quickly as possible

• Quick add so you can enter items without having to go through huge lists of menus.

• Barcode scanner so you can enter items simply by scanning the item.

The free version of this app is ad supported and limits the number of shopping lists to 5. You can upgrade to the full version to remove ads and create unlimited lists.

We are actively developing this app and have heard from many of you about features you are looking for. These include the ability to reorganize your lists by dragging items to the top, quantities and other general improvements. These features are all in development and we greatly appreciate your support.

– Dutch, German, Spanish translation added (work in progress). If you speak another language and would like to help with translation please let us know!

– Cool new feature: items now remember their last shopping list location. This is kind of a big addition. From now on when you add or remove an item from a shopping list it will remember what that list was. The next time you add the item it will automatically go into that shopping list. If you delete items from your storage areas they will go back into the shopping list at the right place. This will hopefully make the app a LOT more convenient to use – much less fussing with going back and forth between menus. Let us know what you think

– Changed the syncing notice to not cover the status bar

– Minor bug fixes

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