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ShoppyList (Grocery Shopping List)

ShoppyList lets you make your shopping list easily and quickly! You don’t need to type the full item names.
Just type their first letters and this app will suggest you items.

t.i sister, precious

This app will store the items it does not know yet and will always suggest you the most used items.

iPhone 6

You can add notes to items, create and manage multiple lists, sort lists by item or category, duplicate lists and share lists by message.
ShoppyList includes 600 items grouped into 14 categories.
You can add, rename, delete and group items.
You can define a priority for each category to make your shopping easier.
Features: -Easy and intuitive interface to craft your grocery shopping lists.
-Word prompter: the app will automatically suggest items as you enter letters.
-Built-in self-learning dictionary: new entered items are automatically stored in the dictionary.
-Quick-select items from built-in dictionnary sorted by alphabetic order, by category and by frequency of use.


-Create, manage and group items by category.
-Create, rename and delete categories.
-Define a priority for each category.
-Add notes to your items.
-Create and Manage multiple shopping lists.


-Share your shopping lists by Email, Message or AirDrop.
-Copy your lists to the clipboard.
-Duplicate shopping lists.

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