SightSpace Free-D: Augmented Reality Viewer for SketchUp & 3D Models | Best Apps and Games 27 May,2018

SightSpace Free-D: Augmented Reality Viewer for SketchUp & 3D Models

***Now with support for SketchUp 2015! Load SketchUp 8 and later (2013, 2014, 2015) models onto your device!***

A powerful, accurate, and impactful tool to communicate Trimble SketchUp and 3D CAD designs and visualize any space using Augmented Reality!

This free version of SightSpace 3D is a fast and easy Augmented Reality visualization tool for Trimble SketchUp and 3D CAD (.KMZ) that conveys your design and reduces miscommunication. With advanced 3D and Augmented Reality technologies, pre-visualize buildings, materials, fixtures, and more to effectively communicate scale and context. Check for errors during construction and close deals faster with Augmented Reality to display digital models in the real world. Utilize bookmarks, annotations, photos, and more to simplify presentations. An optional SightSpace Pro subscription plan expands functionality for a complete SketchUp-to-Field experience with the addition of external GPS and markers for Augmented Reality, photo markups, model dimensions, and more.

Take Trimble SketchUp and 3D CAD models on-the-go with the only mobile app ready for easy Model-to-Field usage!

*Open SketchUp files directly from your device, Dropbox, email, or Trimble 3D Warehouse – includes native SketchUp files (.SKP), Google Earth, and other 3D CAD .KMZ and .KML formats
*SightSpace is the only mobile app that uses native SketchUp (.SKP) files to preserve model privacy – No uploading/downloading from a website or extra software required.

*Use intuitive multi-touch controls including orbit, pan, and zoom to navigate your model
*Communicate context, scale, and location information with advanced Augmented Reality
*Overlay 3D designs onto the real world using the device camera feed and change the view in real-time



*Share annotations, photos, screenshots, and more to colleagues via email or social networking

An optional SightSpace Pro subscription enables features including:
*Connect external GPS (e.g. Trimble SPS985) for incredibly accurate Augmented Reality location

iPhone 7 Plus

*Create and use markers for Augmented Reality presentations
*Play bookmarks as animations
*Markup photos with drawings and text
*Export all notes to PDF


*Display model dimensions created in SketchUp

If you have any feedback or questions, let us know! We offer free support by email at [email protected], an in-app knowledge base (under “I” in the upper right), and check out our Youtube videos on

Almost every model will load. If yours will not open, contact support or look in the in-app help. We cannot respond to app reviews, so if you need help, contact support at [email protected]

*NOTE: SightSpace Free-D is a free viewer but is limited to loading three (3) models. Additional models and features, including Augmented Reality and the full version, are available for in-app purchase. Augmented Reality available on iPad® 2 and later, iPhone® 4 and later.
**SightSpace Free-D is a Universal app, meaning you download it once and can use it on iPad, iPhone, and iPod Touch.

*New support for iOS 8, iPhone 6, and iPhone 6 Plus
*Support for SketchUp 2015 (still loads models from SketchUp 8, 2013, 2014)
*Reminder that free support is available at [email protected]

iPhone 6

*Minor bug fixes

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