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Silent Touch Timer

Download now and streamline your life with the beautiful to see, lovely to use, and fastest to set timer!

"Does exactly what it promises and with a sleek, innovative and intuitive interface. Would buy it again if I could!" – Ristrettoman

• Easily readable up to 30 feet away on your iPhone. Try putting it behind your audience for better eye contact – for even further try a giant iPad timer!

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• If you’re in charge of keeping presenters on time, just set it up where they can see it, maybe add a time warning to let them know when they should be wrapping up.
• Won’t disturb your audience, or you, with ANY noise or vibration.
• Lets you know at a glance how far overtime you’ve gone – better talk faster next time!

"’Apple’ simple to use. Works every time. What could be better??" – DTLvRookie


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• Use it for music, dance, church services, comedy, plays, whatever has a start and an end!
• Count up instead of down if you need to, you can even use warning times while counting up.
• Great for keeping yourself in sync while podcasting.

"I use the Pomodoro technique at work but didn’t want a ticking ringing timer going off in my open plan office. Silent Timer does everything I need and doesn’t annoy my coworkers." -Chick-pea

• Time your work or your internet breaks at the office without disturbing your coworkers or yourself.
• Works great for the Pomodoro Technique, just set the timer to 25 minutes and Pomodoro your way out of procrastination.

"One of my most-often used apps…! An unobtrusive, light, very effective timer used while studying, exercising, interviewing people, teaching students and even when evaluating student’s answer-sheets…!" – vobserve

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