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Simple SMS for iPod touch

Send and receive standard SMS messages with your iPod touch to any kind of mobile phone, from anywhere with a WiFi connection. iPhones can also use 3G. This app requires an account with a 2-way SMS gateway, see below.

The recipient does not need a smartphone or any kind of software, and there is no need to know the name of their carrier.

You receive SMS replies direct to the app, and you can also choose to have copies sent to your email.

This is a straightforward ‘real’ SMS messaging app for casual texting, using the familiar conversational interface. It requires access to your Contact names and phone numbers.

Simple SMS supports:

Long SMS (4)
Message Resend

iOS 8.1

Multiple Send


Individual Delivery Receipts


Landscape Text Entry

More information and screenshots on the app website.

Supported SMS Gateways

Simple SMS requires an account with one of the regional carriers, which support over 800 networks in 166 different countries.

See the appropriate BulkSMS website for SMS pricing and service availability for your country.

See the app website for more information including Setup and User Guides.

IOS 5 update – fixes bug with International keyboards not working in some text fields.

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