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IMPORTANT – Only For iPhone 4S and newer, iPod Touch 5th Gen, iPad 4 and up and iPad Mini and up.

Winner, Breakout Title of the Year – Ind13 Magazine
Nominee, Mobile Game of the Year – IGN
Nominee, Best Sports Game – Pocket Gamer

"Skater’s innovative, creative controls are a diamond." –


"Skater’s controls feel like they’re built from the ground up for touch, and are gratifyingly elegant." – IGN

All of Skateboarding In The Palm Of Your Hand

Designed by skaters for skaters, we teamed up with 20 of the most prominent brands in skating to create the game every skater has been waiting for:

Powerful And Intuitive Control

Use the touch screen to directly control your shoes and board. Controls have been carefully designed to highlight the things that are most fun and important in actual skating, with a strong focus on flow of tricks and runs.

Every Trick Is Possible

This is the first touch-based skating game to include the full range of street tricks. Jump from Ollie, Switch, Fakie and Nollie and perform all standard flip tricks; with the inclusion of body rotations you can even do tricks such as Front-Side Flips and Big Flips. With recent updates now including Late Flips, Reverts, Ghetto Birds, Impossibles, Dolphin Flips, Dragon Flips and Gazelles. Chain everything together with manuals, nose manuals and every kind of grind and slide.

Share And Discover Runs

Skater allows you to save your favourite trick runs and share them with the world. In turn, you get to discover and copy runs that other players have created – giving you access to an endless feed of new ideas to explore.

The Latest Gear – Already Included

Pick from the latest shoes and decks to skate with; DC Shoes, DGK, etnies, Emerica, éS, Foundation, Lakai, Toy Machine, Zero, Baker, Deathwish, Shake Junt, Spitfire, Thunder, Venture, Pig Wheels and Bro Style – they are all already included in the game.

Real, Legendary Spots

The spots featured are El Toro, Carlsbad Gap, Hollywood High, Stoner Plaza, Camp Woodward, Love Park and The Berrics – with even more to come in future updates! Starting with architectural plans, height maps and photos we took on-site, every detail of these legendary spots has been faithfully recreated – down to the graffiti, street signs and even stickers on obstacles.

Skater Celebrates Style and Individuality

Knowing that different people see different things in a spot and skate it in their own unique way, Skater blurs the line between single and multiplayer experiences to enable social interaction unlike any other previous skating game. It’s like taking part in a the world’s biggest online skate session…

Go skate at some of the most famous spots in history with content from thousands of players from around the world – any time you want!

Hey everyone, what could be a better way to round off the month than with a Skater update?!

Since the last update you guys have been asking us for more brands. You’ve been asking us for more spots. You’ve been asking us to make improvements on some devices.

Here’s what we’ve been quietly working away on for your skating pleasure –

New Gear

iPad Air 4

We’re absolutely psyched to announce new partnerships with DC Shoes and DGK! This update includes three new complete decks from the current season and three pairs of DC’s latest shoes. Stevie Williams’ pro deck is in there and DC’s new designs are sweet, check them out!

El Toro (mini-spot)
El Toro is to skating what Teahupoo is to surfing and is the cause of much heartbreak, broken decks, broken bones and from what we’ve seen on Youtube, one broken shopping trolley. This was the most requested mini-spot from you guys and includes the famous 20 stair, big rails, massive flat-rail to 20 stair gap-to-flat, some nice hidden transfers, blocks and rails down the bottom and some pretty creative lines found by our testers you can check out in the browser.

Native iPad is now supported. No more upscaled iPhone screen and pixelated view. UI is redesigned for the iPad and gameplay is in crisp, full screen resolution. Boom!

Video Recording

iPhone 6

Export to camera roll and Instagram is back! Share runs with your friends on social media and email or store them for later if your runs are full.

Performance Enhancements
We’ve been working hard for our users on devices experiencing some lag. We’ve managed serious performance improvements, in particular for iPhone 6+ and 4S – 4S gameplay is now almost TWICE as smooth and feels completely different to play. Loading times and memory use are also improved on all devices.

Bug Fixes
Some minor bug fixes, in particular trouble some players experienced with refreshing runs in certain levels.

Hope you like these small additions to the game. As always we welcome any feedback good or bad, please hit us up on our website or in the player screen of the app if you’d like to get in touch.

We’ve got a lot planned for later in the year too!

Stay Gold.

Dain and the Skater team.

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