Sketchat – Drawing meets messaging | Best Apps and Games 13 June,2019

Sketchat – Drawing meets messaging

Sketch + chat = Sketchat
Drawing meets messaging.

1. Tap + icon to create new paper
2. Draw something

chris froome

3. Zoom out completely (with 2 fingers pinch)
4. SWIPE RIGHT to share your drawing
5. Send directly to someone who already uses sketchat or any of your phone contacts via MMS/Email or any other service: Whatsapp, Facebook, Twitter, Wechat…

You don’t want anything standing in the way of an idea.

iPhone 6 Plus

That’s why we designed Sketchat.
It’s built to be as intuitive, simple & quick as possible.

Great ideas are for sharing. So we made it fast & easy too!


Right swipe, pick someone from your contact list and it’s shared.
The receiver can edit it and sends it back to you with a swipe.

We all use smileys to spices up text messages. But as expression go, smileys are nothing compare to drawings.
Your hand holds your personality and we want to bring it back to our modern age.
Our tracing algorithm is built so your movements realistically influence the outcome.

Before emails and text messages we sent handwritten letters!
Spending time, writing, decorating, doodling it showed that you cared.
And once it was sent, it was gone…forever. It was like giving.
So we kept it this way. Once you send it, it belongs to whom receives it.

It’s easier with a stylus but we made it so using fingers is finally an option:
1. Zoom with 2 fingers pinch. Pan with 2 fingers move.
2. Write without lifting your finger to look up. You can also just twist it. Takes training but works wonder.

Different ways to use it:
– Rapid sketching tool.
– Send fun drawings to your friends and mess each others’ one.
– Send a sweet drawing to your loved ones: Christmas, Valentine, Happy New Year…
– Send yourself a note by email.
– Share an idea with a colleague: design, graph, sketch…


– Handwrite a letter! Just like the good old days (With or without stylus)
– Create & play games with your friends: Tic tac toe, Hanged man, Draw Something…
– Have your preschoolers (or anyone who can’t write) communicate with you!

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