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Possibly the most important App ever invented. a new level of Social Action.

People have a right to directly contact their legislators, the challenge has been, until now, the information has been district specific… To know who is responsible for congress in a city where you are visiting is quite difficult. That Official is responsible for your safety.

It was previously impossible to be able to locate multiple officials assigned to any location, in various government offices, without knowing who those government people are, what district they are in, and … my favorite… without even the need to even know where you (the user) is.

This app puts the power of democracy in your hands.

You have the right to breathe clean air, drink clean water, and to enjoy natural sunshine. SkyderALERT enables you to easily capture visual evidence by photographing planes spraying the sky, or the aftermath of persistent contrails blocking the sun.

SkyderALERT directly contacts legislators and petitions for these activities to cease and desist.

in 1 button click users can send legislators photographic evidence of environmental hazards and illegal activity.

– 6, 6+ support

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