Slack | Best Apps and Games 19 January,2019


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– New: Hovering your cursor over a team icon will now show the full, glorious name of the team.

luke schenn

iMac '24

– New: Command-E now magically copies your selected text and places it in the App’s search panel (Command+F), with a puff of smoke and the faint smell of burnt glitter.

– Fixed: Slack 1.0.4 had an incompatibility with Mac OS 10.7. Doh!
– Fixed: Command-9 didn’t switch to the 9th team. In fact it didn’t switch to any team. It now switches you to your 9th team. If you have a 9th team.
– Fixed: There was a bug where team icons would highlight in strange ways if you rearranged the team order. While visually stimulating, it was pretty unclear which team you had selected. All is now clear.


– Fixed: Both the Dropbox file picker and the file save panels broke in 1.0.3. In 1.0.4, they’re fixed. It’s like nothing happened.
– Fixed: Doing a Quick Look in the file upload dialog would sometimes hide the file picker when the Quick Look closed. You no longer are required to play peekaboo with your software.


– Cleaned out the gutters and convinced some kids to whitewash the fence — looking forward to spring.

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