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“Slugline is outrageously, life-changingly excellent.”

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– Neil Cross, Emmy nominated writer of Mama and Luther

Slugline is a minimal, distraction-free environment for the most important part of screenwriting—the writing part.

Slugline works with plain text. It automatically turns your writing into a properly formatted screenplay, without you ever needing to press the Tab key or touch the mouse.

No buttons. No settings. Just writing.


⋮ Simple, elegant interface
⋮ The first distraction-free screenwriting environment
⋮ Automatic formatting to Hollywood screenplay standards
⋮ Printed on paper or PDF, your screenplay is indistinguishable from one made with apps costing much more
⋮ Helpful structure templates, including the famous beat sheet from Save the Cat!®

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⋮ Integrated outlining
⋮ Bold, Italic, and Underlined text
⋮ Notes, Scene Synopses, and Omitted text help keep you organized
⋮ Preview—What you see is what you get
⋮ Full-screen mode
⋮ Fully optimized for Retina displays
⋮ Includes Courier Prime, a beautiful typeface designed for screenplays
⋮ Slugline’s plain text files are compatible with any writing app, on any platform

Slugline is built for the hard part of screenwriting: the writing part. Slugline gives you the tools you need to craft your story, without your hands ever leaving the keys.


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Slugline uses the free and open Fountain screenplay format, which is nothing more than plain text.​ You can work on your screenplay anywhere, using any writing app, including hundreds of mobile apps. When you open it in Slugline again, everything will be there, properly formatted.​

Start with an outline, then seamlessly transition to writing scenes. Or jot down a placeholder for your third-act twist while you’re still crafting your opening pages. Slugline allows you to be as structured as you like, even if that means not at all.​

Slugline is the creation of filmmaker Stu Maschwitz and software designer Clinton Torres. Fountain is a collaboration between screenwriter John August and Stu Maschwitz.​ Together, we believe that screenwriting should be simple, smart, and open.

Slugline keeps getting better, and that’s thanks to you! Slug us a line at with any questions or feedback you have, and follow us on Twitter at @SluglineApp.

We. Are. (Still) Back.

Slugline 1.1.1 fixes an issue where the Help menu would just be a jerk sometimes.

New Features from Slugline 1.1.0:

⋮ When you turn off Character CONT’Ds in Document Settings, they are now really off, even in Preview and Print.
⋮ Pressing Tab at the end of a Dialogue element adds a Parenthetical to the next line. (Softly.)
⋮ We fixed a rare-but-nasty bug where missing or corrupted system fonts could result in no as-you-type formatting, changing Slugline from a screenwriting app into, well, an app.

For more details, visit:

Other changes:

⋮ You can now search the help documentation! And Slugline’s menus!
⋮ We fixed a rare case where long notes could be truncated in the Outline.
⋮ Arrow keys now nudge the Preview scroll in a soothing, pleasant manner.
⋮ When you start a Character with @, Slugline now offers auto-complete suggestions for other “forced” character names.


⋮ Speaking of forcing Character elements, you can now do that from the context menu.

That’s it—for now. Much more to come soon! As always, we are grateful when you take the time to rate or or review Slugline.

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