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Smart Writing Tool – 7notes HD Premium

Attention for Using iOS8: Visit at

Smart Writing Tool – 7notes HD Premium is a smart writing tool optimized for iPad.

iOS 9

With this app, mixing your handwriting with digital texts is easier than ever before.

Tech Crunch review. "But recognizing handwritten text isn’t trivial,

iOS 8

which is why a new app called 7notes focuses almost entirely on this


problem and does the job really well."

7notes provides superior note taking experience with a
state-of-the-art handwriting recognition engine. The popular app can
be used for both work and life, finding benefits among users across a
variety of settings where a keyboard base mobile computer doesn’t fit,
such as business meetings, in the classroom, workers in the field,
hospitals, the list goes on.

7notes HD Premium delivers our Seven Benefits:
1. Start taking notes , you can edit and decorate them later as you want

2. Take notes now, convert them later. (Premium only)

3. State-of-the-art predictive engine decrease note taking time

4. Fun to write and express your feeling with various input support features

5. Store at Evernote, Dropbox and Post to Facebook, Twitter

6. Social writing with "Edit it" Server

7. Easy to create a curation note with image & web page


– Bug fixes for iOS 8

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