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SmartIO – Transfer Content

SmartIO is a powerful cross platform content transfer solution supporting all the major smartphone and tablets platforms. Now SmartIO gives you an easy way of consolidating content from one or more of your old devices into a single device. It is powered by Aomata’s ConnectixTM communication platform utilizing WiFi network to transfer/send large amount of data efficiently. You can also use this app on devices connected via WiFi-Hotspot that is available on most smartphones and tablets. The Source device containing the content to be transferred can seamlessly connect with the Target device which is the recipient of the content. Both the Source and Target devices communicate with each other to understand what kind of content can be transferred. All this is made really easy for customers so that they do not have to keep track of what is possible between the two devices. This makes SmartIO extremely easy to use content transfer app for Smartphone / Tablets users specifically for iPhone and iPad users.

Supported Content for Transfer on all major Smartphone / Tablets Platform :
• Contacts
• Pictures
• Videos

iOS 9

• Calendars

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• Reminders (iPhone to iPhone, Versions:7+ only)
• Support for more content types continuously being added.

SmartIO content transfer solution is designed to be used for both personal and business use. For personal use, you will have to make an In-App purchase on the Target device ,which will give you a one-time license to transfer the supported types of content.
For businesses, SmartIO enables a clutter free retail environment. Being on WiFi network , this solution doesn’t have the same restrictions as the slower line of site connectivity standards such as Bluetooth. It also takes away the responsibility from salesperson to remember the combination of devices that can transfer content. In order to address our business customers needs, SmartIO also offers data transfer over Cellular (3G/LTE) networks. With the ability to transfer data over WiFi, WiFi-Hotspots or Cellular networks, gives our business customers the flexibility to deploy this solution in a variety of ways to meet their specific and ever-changing needs.Our business customers would need login credentials to use this app. Please contact us at [email protected] to discuss your business needs.

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