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Smurge Group Messaging

Smurge is the first and only iPhone app used to send out personalized group SMS messaging, making mass text messages seem as though you took the time to send it to just one!

Smurge Group Messaging help’s user’s to:

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*Wish well to friend’s and family on holidays.
*Invite friends and family to an event.
*Help sales and marketing people keep a personal touch with their clients.
*Get a more positive response from text message recipients.

With a simple and user friendly interface, users can create contact groups, and send out SMS messages to one or multiple groups with each of the recipient’s name inserted in the body of the message. Even nicknames can be used!

The result is a more poignant, intimate message, delivering thought with impact, while devoid of the generic ramblings that stagnate traditional group messages. Society no longer has to send what appears to be half-hearted attempts of including friends and family and clients in your life.

Check out the promo video below:

Messages are sent out individually. Regular text message rates apply.

Fixed Minor Bugs.

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