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Snap-Hack™ Pro for Snapchat – Screenshot save your Snap chats – Snaphack™

Snap-Hack™ lets you save Snapchats without notifying the sender.

Snap-Hack™ has three key features:

1. Save your snaps & stories to your camera roll without the sender knowing!
2. Send your own snaps and post story like Snapchat, even from camera roll/photo album!
3. Set passcode protection for Snap-Hack™.

Log into Snap-Hack™ with your Snapchat credentials and it will download any images and videos that you haven’t yet opened in Snapchat.

When you get a Snapchat notification or see that you have new snaps, simply open Snap-Hack™ first, pull down to refresh, and it will grab your new snaps.

* Supports both photos and videos.
* Supports Snapchat Stories.
* Save received photos and videos to your device so you can back them up and share them.
* The other user will never know you saved the message.
* Forward received snaps to other friends.


* Send photos and videos from Snap-Hack™.
* Send photos from camera roll/photo album.


* You can view your snaps even if you have ‘cleared’ them from Snapchat as long as they are cached bySnap-Hack™.
* Delete the snaps you don’t want.

iPhone 7

* Mark viewed items as opened.
* Set passcode protection for Snap-Hack™.
* Log in with your Snapchat account and download all unviewed messages so that you can keep them forever.
* Single tap to return to Snapchat.
* iOS 7 User Interface, simple to use.

NOTE: Once you have viewed a snap in the official Snapchat app, it is deleted forever, so be sure to open them in Snap-Hack™ first.

*Disclaimer: Snap-Hack™ is not affiliated with Snapchat, Inc.

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I know all guys have waited for this update for a long time.
Thank you for your feedback and reviews, you have all helped make the best third party Snapchat client available.

So, what do I have for you today?

– Fixed login issue
– Fixed videos load and save issue

iPad Pro

– Crash fix for some users
– Back to the previous interface
– Can delete all saved snaps
– Can clear feed (The new version of Snapchat removed this feature)
– Mark story as viewed
– Repost snaps to Instagram
– More features are coming…

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Enjoy 🙂
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1. Marking your snaps as viewed lets the sender know you have seen it.This also deletes it from Snapchat so it cant be downloaded again however Snap-Hack keeps a copy of it for you. Snap-Hack can automatically mark your snaps as viewed, either after they have been downloaded or only one you have viewed them.

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