Snap Saver Pro for Snapchat! | Best Apps and Games 12 January,2019

Snap Saver Pro for Snapchat!

No ads, no in-app purchases. SnapSaver is the perfect companion to Snapchat – download any photo or video Snaps you receive and save them to your device!

– Download your Snaps super easily! –

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Log in to SnapSaver with your Snapchat credentials, and all unviewed photo and video Snaps will automatically download.

– Save to Camera Roll –

iOS 9


SnapSaver lets you save any downloaded Snaps (photos and videos) to the Camera Roll for viewing later. Media in the Camera Roll can also be synced with a Mac or PC.

– Undetectable! –
SnapSaver is undetectable to your senders – they won’t know their Snaps have even been viewed!

SnapSaver is not affiliated with Snapchat, Inc.

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