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Snood 2011

Snood is one of the most popular puzzle games in the World! It’s great family fun! You need to save the Snoods by grouping three or more of the same kind together. Unconnected Snoods are also transported to safety. Launching Snoods increases the Danger Bar and when it fills up, the screen moves down. If a Snood touches the bottom, its game over, so try again! Snood is a fun puzzle game that tests your intellect rather than your reflexes.

Child, Easy, Medium, Hard, Evil, Armageddon, Journey and Puzzle modes. Snood is great fun for all ages!

Play with the newest Snood characters or use the classic set from the original Snood game!

Customer support is available via the Snood 2011 Support link. Please allow us to address your support needs before posting a review.

Good luck saving Snoods!

Version 1.4 fixes and additions:

– Restores non-fullscreen as an option for the game window
– Adds an option to use the original SNOOD sounds
– Restores the ability to delete custom SNOOD sets
– Improved layout of lists in the Preference dialog

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– Improved scrolling of lists in the Preference dialog
– Puzzle and Journey scores properly restore to the last completed level score when continued

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– All puzzle sets have been tested; non-working puzzles were deleted

Mac Pro

– Puzzle mode now displays the current puzzle level, total levels, and level name (e.g. "1 of 50:Level Name")

This update will reset the Preferences to defaults. However, all high score data should be preserved.

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