Snowball Fight : Mini Game With Worldwide Multiplayer | Best Apps and Games 22 May,2018

Snowball Fight : Mini Game With Worldwide Multiplayer

The first snowball fight game is on App Store now! Published by FingerLegend. The author of "Hide N Seek" and "The Survival Games".

Do you want to play snowball fight with your friends? Play this game! The rule is very simple: try to throw snowball at players in another team. Throwing snowball and dashing will cost your physical strength. If you run out of the physical strength, please take a rest. The physical strength is recovered by time. But be careful of other players’ attack.

Game Feature:
– Nice graphics with smooth shadow.
– All players fight against in two teams. Team icon places ahead of the player name.
– Dashing and throwing snowball will cost the physical strength. Physical strength is recovered by time.
– Support play with friends all over the world. Up to 24 players can play in one game room.
– Support import customized skins ( Support hat ) from your photo album.
– Support changing to customized skin during the game.


– Support chat in the game.
– Support create game room with password.
– Support beautiful animated sky.

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iOS 8.1

– Support many game maps. More and more maps will released in next updates.

– Player can use command "/color [XXXXXX]" to change the color of their snowball. "XXXXXX" means the color. For example: /color [FF0000] will change the color of the snowball to red.
– Fix the bug that some players cannot be killed.


– Fix other bugs.

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