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Soap calc PRO

Enjoy making your original soap with this lye calculator. No running about your computer, no lye and oil spots on your working table.
Calculation lye weight is so easy. Just select your needs from butters and oils list, or go to information box for additional help.

DISCLAIMER: For IOS 7 devices please use this version:

Main features:

* Calculates lye amount for soap making.
* Works in different measure systems.
* Includes more than hundred ingredients.
* Shows detailed information about each ingredient.
* Also calculates fragrance and super fat values.
* Helps to create your own recipes.
* Determines your soap qualities.


* Easy recipe sizer
* Stores your recipes and comments.
* Sends your recipes by e-mail.
* Integrated unique auto balancing function saves your money and time.
* No ads

* Ounces issue solved

burl's creek


* Recipe sizer added


* Water precent range increased
* Added comments section for saved recipes
* Some cosmetic improvements

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