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SoBigTyping – XLarge Keyboard

* SoBig Typing :

▶1) Very large keyboard : easy typing.
▶2) Count characters (Spacebar).

▶1) 엄청 큰 키보드: 타이핑이 쉬워진다. ‘빅 단모음’ 키보드 지원
▶2) 글자 수 표시: 스페이스바에 카운트가 표시됩니다.

▶1) 非常に大きなキーボード: タイピングが容易になる。

toad fish

▶2) 文字の数を表示 : スペースバ。

* Keyboard support:     English, UK, Español, Deutsche(+Switzerland), Français, Italiano, 日本語(hiragana only), 한국어, Pyccий, Portugués(+Brazil).

* Qwetuo keyboard only support English and UK.

* Concept: It’s simple. Landscape mode and portrait mode, the larger keyboard and font support.    When you are finished typing, press the Copy button to copy and paste it into the other apps.

* Target people: 

iPhone 6

▪People with large hands.

Steve Jobs

▪People uncomfortable with the small keyboard.
▪People with low vision.
▪People with long fingernails.
▪People wearing touch-gloves to type.
▪People who write messages in the shaking car.
▪People typing with one hand.

* Features :
– Passcode support
– AutoCopy support
– Big keyboard and font
– Message save
– Remember the cursor position in the saved messages. Also in passcode mode.
– Delete and restore each of the words

Stay Hungry Stay Foolish

– Go to the top or bottom position of the cursor.
– iPhone basic keyboard support.

* Copy support apps :
SMS (Basic iPhone app)
– KakaoTalk( 카카오톡)

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