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Social Book

Your contacts remain on your device only. We never send any of your contact details to our servers. How many other similar apps can give the same guarantee? Check yourself and be surprised!

“Social Network Integration Never Looked Sexier”

Social Book v1.0 puts power into the hand of the tech savvy social networking phenom we all have become. It seamlessly merges LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter with your current contacts. Turning your mundane contacts list into the ultimate networking platform that is aptly named “Social Book”

Spectacular Interface

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iOS 8


The sleek and innovative design that the “Social Book v.1.0” bolsters doesn’t just look cool. It’s also an extremely functional networking tool that allows the user to perform those time consuming tasks instantly with the touch of a button. Categorizing your contacts into groups allows you to send every person in that contact list an email, text message, picture message, etc. This alone is invaluable to all networking guru’s looking to stay in contact with their friends, family, and associates, and with the recent updates screen the user is allowed to do just that. It allows you to stay on top of what’s going on in the social networking world you’ve created. Making it easy and simple for users to quickly reply to posts and go from sending a tweet to sending a facebook message without ever having to go through the annoyance of switching between apps.

Social Book v.1.0 is one of the best apps on the apple market today and definitely a must have for anyone who likes to stay up to date on their social networking sites without ever having to change the app. And it’s available on the iPhone for download today for only .99 cents. That would make it a diservice to your phone if you did not get it. For it will change the way you stay in contact with your world.

Version 1.1.1

iPad Air 4

– Fixed bug when matching contacts during sync, when the number of friends on facebook account exceeded 500.

– Made the app compatible with iPhone 5 screen size.

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