Social Lock – For Social Networks and Email | Best Apps and Games 10 November,2019

Social Lock – For Social Networks and Email

Social Lock – For Social Networks, Email – secures your online social life by requiring a passcode with TouchID every time accessing your social networks.

Support Social Networks:

◆ Facebook

iPad Air 4

◆ Twitter
◆ Instagram
◆ Youtube

iOS 8.1

◆ LinkedIn
◆ Pinterest
◆ Yahoo
◆ Google+
◆ Reddit
◆ Tumblr
◆ Snapchat
◆ Flickr

iPad Air 3

◆ Vine
◆ Vimeo
◆ My Space

The app uses the mobile website of the social networks so you get the same high level of security provided by the social networks. We do not log or store any of your credentials or personal information.

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