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Social Network Limiter

Reclaim your life – one website at a time!

Take back your lost hours with Social Network Limiter! Need more hours in the day? More time to spend with your family or partner? More time to exercise? More time for hobbies?

Want to stop yourself checking social media every 5 minutes? You can!
Want to stop yourself staying up too late online? You can!
Want to limit browsing to your lunch break? You can!


Want to only be able to look at your favorite shopping site before payday? You can!

This app allows you to continue enjoying the websites you are connected to (without quitting completely) but makes you aware of the time that is being spent on these activities – allowing you to use your time more productively.

How will this app help me? In a number of ways: The reporting function allows you to use this app to monitor how much time you spend on each website and how many times you view it. Being aware of how much you actually use these websites is important. The app can be used in this way without any goals or limits, though the app really begins to shine when you set usage goals for yourself.

How can I limit my time spent online through this app? You are able to set individual goals/limits for each website that is added to the app. These targets include: a maximum number of views, a minimum time between views, only being able to check a website between certain times and only being able to check a website on certain days of the week (or a combination of the above). If a goal is exceeded the app can remind you, or stop you from viewing a website until the goals are met/reset. The ultimate in self help! All of the targets are customisable so you are able to create the perfect productivity setup for yourself.

Or try the ultimate test of self-control and limit your social media use to every second day!

Why would I want to limit time spent on social media/online? Think about what you gain from it. Yes you are able to stay in touch, but often the negatives outweigh the positives. These networks are glorified advertising delivery systems in their purest form. Online bullying, self-esteem issues, lack of productivity are all increasing with the rise of social networking and ‘putting our lives online.’

Can I add other websites to this app? Yes. You can add and set targets for any website.

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Are the settings the same across all websites? No. They can be, but if you would like to have different targets for Facebook, Twitter, Gmail and any other website that you add that is up to you – the settings are easily customized.

Which websites work with this app? While we have used social media as our target, this app will work with basically any website capable of being displayed on the iPhone. Note that the user experience will be controlled by the individual website, and this is not a reflection of the app. Most modern websites are mobile optimized.

Remember this: Every successful person that has ever lived has the same 24 hours in a day that you have, and look at what they have achieved. Are you spending your limited time effectively?

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