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Social Player

"If you like sharing your music listening habits with friends, the Social Player is the best application I’ve seen to do so." – Nick O’Neill,

"If you want to share information about your current musical listening habits or hear what your friends think of your favorite songs, then this is an app to acquire today.", Amanda Fox,

Social Player is a music player that lets you share music from your iPhone or iPod touch with your friends.

Just tap the cloud to share the track you are listening to either with friends on Facebook, on Twitter or via email with everybody else. Social Player will try to link your musical message to the iTunes Store so that your friends can even listen to a preview of the music you sent.

Let your friends know the great music you are listening to just now.


• General
– Easy to use graphical user interfaces for Facebook and Twitter
– Swipe your finger across the screen to switch between the Facebook player and the Twitter player.
– Enable and disable networks or chose your favorite network in the settings.

• Sharing
– Just tap the cloud to send the music track you are listening to
— as a text-only status update or story with album art and iTunes preview to Facebook,
— as a tweet with iTunes preview to Twitter or
— via email with a screenshot and iTunes preview.

• Integration
– iTunes Store integration: If possible, your musical messages will be linked to the iTunes Store to allow playback of a preview.
– Works together seamlessly with the standard iPod music app: You can listen to your music in the standard player, quickly switch to Social Player and share it, and then return.

iPhone 7

– Works well with other social network clients: Share with Social Player and see your friends’ reactions in Facebook’s app or your favorite Twitter client.

• Music player

iPhone 6s Plus

– Control music playback: Play, pause, fast forward, fast backward, skip, shuffle and repeat, volume control


– See music information like title, artist, album, title number


– See album art and rating
– Browse your iPod library to play back certain titles, albums, playlists etc.

Thanks for trying Social Player! We hope you and your friends will have a lot of fun. If you should have any questions, problems or feature requests, please send us an email to [email protected] We appreciate your feedback very much, it will help us to improve Social Player for you and everybody else. team

PS: Social Player was featured in the "New and Noteworthy" section of the App Store in January. Thank you Apple! And many thanks to all the new customers from all around the world. It’s great to see you share your music everywhere, we are absolutely overwhelmed. Welcome aboard!

– High definition graphics for devices with Retina Display
– iOS 5.0 compatibilty
– Intelligent messages for Facebook: The message of your status updates sent to Facebook is now adapted to your tags in an intelligent way.
– A link to a song preview is now more obvious.
– Complete rewrite of the Facebook connection
– You can now set the song location directly by touching the progress bar.

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