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Social writer: Fast keyboard to write plain text drafts

** This app will help you to share your ideas and writings via email, sms, Twitter **

Do you wish typing would be easier on your iPhone and iPad?
Don’t you hate switching the keyboard just to type a single dot "."?
Want to fix typos quickly without deleting everything you wrote?

Want to work on the same file on both iPhone and iPad?

This app will help you to have "Stress Free" writing on both iPhone and iPad.


– iPhone / iPad ready (Universal app)
– 4 Arrow keys to move cursor easily


– Smart keyboard extension (20 extra keys)
– Type in both Portrait / Landscape modes
– iCloud, Dorpbox, Box ready
– Folder / File structure
– Realtime word count
– Search texts to locate files
– Undo / Redo
– Timestamp
– "Copy all text" feature


– Spacious area to enter text
– Send text via email, SMS, Twitter


– Email, Print texts wirelessly

If you find any errors or omissions in the content of this app, please let me know through the website.

borna coric

I welcome all feedback.

Note: If you are looking for a feature rich word processor, this app is not for you although we are currently developing a feature rich word processor based on this app.

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