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SocialPoint – HD

SocialPoint’s main focus is to create a social environment that is fast, simple and engaging. We connect you to the top social and mobile networks while offering features that will enhance your overall social experience.

Social Networks:

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iPhone 6s Plus

SocialPoint connects you to your favorite social feeds (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, Tumblr, Instagram, and Foursquare) with complete interaction, customization and filtering. You are able to view your feeds to keep you connected to your complete Social World!

Mobile Networks:
SocialPoint is also working to connect you with your mobile messaging as well. Right now we are able to include AT&T messaging with your social feeds.

Social Filters:
SocialPoint offers many unique filters allowing you to customize your feeds to optimize your social engagement. Thus allowing you complete control over your main social feed!

Social Contacts:
SocialPoint offers the ability to view and filter all of your Social Contacts in one place! You will be able to customize personal friend feeds to enhance your social interactions.

Social Posting:

iPhone 7 Plus


SocialPoint offers a complete posting option that allows you to post to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Tumblr and even AT&T. We also have a complete check-in feature with Foursquare and offer the full Tumblr editor.

Social Search:
SocialPoint offers a unique keyword search that allows you to search through all of your social networks at one time. You will be able to follow social conversations and topics with great ease and speed!

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